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SafeClass- Using the Power of Light to Fight Pathogens

By Featured Product Videos, Lighting Unlimited
FSC Lighting’s SafeClass combines three unique pathogen-fighting technologies: TruWhite™ LED Lighting, powered by illumiPure, CleanBox UV Sterilization Packs, and Virtual Midnight Intelligent Optimization. TruWhite™ LED Lighting, powered by illumiPure, emits a 405 and 470-nanometer wavelength of disinfecting light that shines onto surfaces and penetrates harmful micro-organisms. The lighting has been shown to be effective at targeting infectious pathogens like Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Escherichia, Shigella, Listeria, and destroys the rafts that CoVid-19 needs to thrive.

Introducing MixMatch Lighting!

By Featured Product Videos, Lighting Unlimited
We are excited to announce our partnership with MixMatch Lighting! With nearly endless ways to personalize, you can mix and match vintage, industrial and modern styles and elements, pick the perfect shade or bulb. Quick turnaround from order to shipping means your light will be on its way to you in less than two weeks. With a bit of their heart and soul in each light, MixMatch is committed to craftsmanship, quality and top-notch customer service. Contact us to see our MixMatch Lighting Sample Box and design your own fixture!

Intra-Lighting’s Tracker Goes with the Flow

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Intra-Lighting’s Tracker can go up and down. With its ability to adapt to wall or ceiling ratios (+/-500 mm), it can vary from bold and artistic to a luminaire that discreetly blends in and supports the creativity of the architect or lighting designer.
And it’s not only about its clean looks; it’s also about the hidden logic of this luminaire, as it fits perfectly with standard construction elements

Intense Lighting – Gravity 2-Inch High Performance Architectural Downlight & Cylinders

By Featured Product Videos, Lighting Unlimited
Working with two-Inch architectural downlighting has never been easy…until now. Meet the two-Inch Gravity from Intense Lighting. It has power, adjustability and looks to match. A minimalist 1mm specification grade reflector is paired up with a deep-seated light engine that is capable of producing 1,500 lumens with minimal glare and maximum adjustibility.