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November 2020

Introducing Diverge from OCL Architectural Lighting

By Featured Product Videos
Diverge takes two forms you know- Glowball and Glowstick – and enhances their capabilities, giving designers an added modern take on the traditional chandelier look. Diverge can be used to create that tailored installation designers desire in bespoke lighting, using more cost-effective standard product and a bit of imagination.

V-Rail Spot Illuminated Handrail From Intense Lighting

By Featured Product Videos, Lighting Unlimited
Developed from the ground up, the revolutionary V-Rail Spot brings best in class light levels with unmatched flexibility in placement and spacing within a complete system. Powerful yet discrete Spot light engines allow for new curved rail capabilities within the V-Rail portfolio. The dedicated symmetrical and asymmetrical proprietary optics provide exceptional beam consistency and uniformity.