Accredited Presentations for Architects and Engineers

Each presentation provides 1 HSW LU

BEGA – “Technology Update”

Focusing on service, innovation, and control. Spend an hour with BEGA discussing the latest in technology trends. Beginning with service, we’ll convey the importance of modular design and robust manufacturing processes in sustainable LED design and manufacturing, and relate these specifiable attributes to long term serviceability of lighting systems. We’ll then discuss innovation, specifically color temperature, color rendering, and color consistency as they relate to new product development. And finally, we’ll attempt to forecast the “mainstream” wired and wireless control methodologies as the digitalization of the lighting industry accelerates.

BEGA – “Architectural Lighting Application Guide”

Light influences us in all areas of our lives. We notice this in our well being. In our bodies, light controls circadian processes, which are responsible for our sleep-wake rhythm. Good light allows us to work with concentration and stamina. The right light can have relaxing and regenerative effect. In public areas, good light guarantees safety. But what characterizes good light? Allow BEGA to present the exciting world of lighting planning, lighting technology and electrical engineering, and share our enthusiasm for light with you.

BEGA – “Quality Above All – A Materials Discussion”

Quality lighting design depends on accurate information, quality specifications and relentless follow through. Lighting specifications must be prepared with clarity and precision, and require a tremendous amount of communication between the design community, owners/clients, manufacturers, and manufacturers’ representatives, concerning all stakeholders’ standards of quality for lighting equipment. Ad noted in the IALD’s Guidelines for Specification Integrity, one of the most essential aspects of producing a good lighting design is to get what you specify- to meet the project and client requirements. To assist with this critical mission, BEGA will spend an hour helping to establish clear and defensible standards of quality for the lighting equipment you specify.

Hubbell – “Distributed Lighting Controls – Demystifying Advanced Technologies and Code Compliance”

Lighting Controls are viewed by many as complex and complicated. Advancements in lighting control technologies as well as new regulatory requirements have increased this perception of lighting controls. This course will present core lighting control technologies and strategies such as time base scheduling, task tuning, occupancy vs. vacancy, daylight harvesting, and the integration of control technologies to provide a whole solution for today’s codes.

Hubbell – “Security Lighting for People and Places”

Security Lighting for People and Property is designed to address security lighting in various commercial areas in the marketplace. This course will help identify when security is an issue and present an understanding of how our eyes adapt to light in dimly lit or dark areas. It will also help define ways of designing lighting to meet the safety and security measures in place by many existing, as well as new, commercial spaces.

Hubbell – “The Effects of Blue Light”

The Effects of Blue Light: Fact or Fiction is an introductory course related to blue light and its effect on sight, the human body, food, and pharmaceuticals. This course will explain the factual information and data that have been collected about blue light. It will also address some of the myths and effects yet to be scientifically proven. The goal of this class is to help those participating understand how to discuss blue light, its effects, and properly apply it in lighting design.

Kenall – “Treat Your Building As A Patient”

This presentation will describe the role of the environment in Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI’s). It will specifically focus on the Operating Room and the concerns unique to that setting. Methods for improving environmental hygiene will be reviewed with attention given to a new class of solution- whole room disinfection. The use of this solution in the Operating Room will be presented examining the relevant details between the two primary categories (continuous vs. episodic).

Kenall – “Best Practices in Security / Detention Lighting”

In order to properly illuminate a security / detention facility, a solid understanding of the entire facility must be obtained including the different security levels used in the facilities, the different luminaire styles and materials used in the construction of these buildings and the lighting requirements, purposes and challenges encountered in each application within the facilities. This presentation covers the appropriate information to ensure that all of the performance elements required of your luminaires in your application are achieved. This presentation will define these elements and explain many of the common features of these luminaires that enhance the safety and security of both the detainees and guards.

Kenall – “Specifying Luminaires for Environmentally-Critical Applications”

– Environmentally critical applications demand more from luminaires than just providing light. The presentation covers the appropriate information to ensure that all of the performance elements required of your luminaires in your application are achieved. This presentation will define the types of facilities that are considered environmentally critical and how to decide if your application requires this type of performance.

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