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PGL8 from KIM Lighting

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Nearly three decades ago KIM Lighting introduced the first integrated, direct/indirect luminaire purposely designed for modern parking garage facilities. That legacy of design leadership continues with the new PGL8. The edge-lit drop lens reduces glare to provide exceptional visual comfort and performance. It is available with four distributions and six outputs up to 13,500 lumens providing effective solutions for meeting the dynamics and challenges of parking garage applications including IES recommendations. With a sleek, low-profile form factor and a 16″ diameter, it is scaled to be used in all parking garage applications including drive lanes, entrances, elevator banks and canopies.

Versify™ Architectural Edge-Lit Luminaire from Columbia Lighting

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Columbia Lighting’s Versify™ high-performance architectural edge-lit luminaire was created with lighting designers and architects in mind, sporting a sleek look that enhances interior spaces. The color tunable luminaire is well-suited for commercial and architectural applications, fitting into any project where an elegant appearance and glare-free illumination from all viewing angles is intended as part of the design.

TGS NOVA™ Flood Light

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Truly Green Solutions’ NOVA™ All-Sports Luminaire series offers professional grade illumination for all levels of sporting venues and other demanding outdoor areas. The latest SAMSUNG® LED chipsets to provide the industry-leading performance of over 140 lumens per watt and indirect lighting technology eliminates glare while providing precise NEMA beam patterns that meet all levels of sporting illumination standards. Multiple chipset packages with 70, 80, or 90 CRImeet HD/UHD broadcasting standards, and improve light quality for spectators and players.

LITEISTRY™ from Prescolite

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LITEISTRY™ features a vast array of options with round and square aperture shapes in 3″, 4″ and 6″ covering downlighting, wall wash, adjustable accent and cylinder solutions. Four different beam distributions, a wide range of lumen outputs and 27 reflector finish/color combinations provide additional freedom to explore possibilities with renewed confidence that the right luminaire option is available to ensure a coordinated visual across the entire project.

Besa Lighting Swirl Pendant

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The Swirl pendant features a wide cone-shaped glass, that demonstrates contemporary sensiblities. Our Dicro glass is clear blown glass with a technologically advanced dichroic coating applied to the inside. The coating contains multiple micro-layers of metals that create unique optical properties, which effectively alter both the reflected and transmitted light. So unlit, it appears like a mirror; when lit, it becomes translucent with an array of multicolored blue-purple effects.

Zumtobel CLARIS Evolution – A Legend in a New Light

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Its light and slim design makes Zumtobel’s CLARIS a classic for office lighting. The design icon now returns in its third generation and shows its colours. Four by six combinations: CLARIS evolution offers the chance to really differentiate from the norm. The elegant fitting presents itself as a tasteful design alternative to luminaires with continuous opal optics, helping it fit effortlessly into any office architecture.