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Dan Rajczyk

Columbia Lighting Presents Escalate™ Stairwell Luminaire

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Presenting Escalate™ Stairwell Luminaire from Columbia Lighting – an attractive solution to safely and
intelligently light your stairwells. Occupancy controlled dimming gives light when you need it, but dims to
save energy when the space is unoccupied. Since Escalate offers two lens options and three lengths, you
can easily configure Escalate to blend with your space. Additionally, Escalate’s continuous light ensures a
clean, modern look in your stairwells and access areas.

Installing ThinTek G2™ Surface Mounted LED Flat Panel from Truly Green Solutions

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The TGS ThinTek™ G2 Edge Lit LED panel affords an efficient and elegant LED replacement for fluorescent lamps and troffer fixtures in offices, schools, hospitality, healthcare and other commercial
and industrial applications. It provides flicker-free, uniform lighting, with a fully-integrated internal driver that allows bypass of existing ballasts for quick, easy and safe installation.